1-800-DOG-POOP Within southeastern MI area code: 1-800-364-7667 Outside southeastern MI area code: 1-866-364-766 Livonia MI, Headquarters direct line: 1-734-266-5070 FREE HAUL AWAY OF WASTE & DISPOSAL INCLUDED!

Bagged Waste Pickup

PET PICKUP also provides "bagged waste pickup" from your home / business
- Are you are a "do it your selfer" for the dog / geese waste removal around your home / business?
- Does your trash removal service / city ordinances prohibit you from disposing of the waste with your normal trash removal service?
- Do you find the smell / health concerns of bagged dog waste remaining around your home or business until your scheduled trash removal day as absolutely repulsive / unacceptable?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then please call Pet Pickup and a service representative will be able to give you an estimate over the phone based on the variables that we need to be answered from you. We will arrive promptly on a scheduled basis, based upon your needs, to pickup the bag(s) of waste from your property. We will also remove the bag(s) of waste from the trash receptacle that you accumulate it in.
Pet Pickup